Political PR | Getting To Voters
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Reaching voters is about more than just sending a message into a district or attempting to blindly mail campaign lists based on previous voting statistics. These things sometimes work, but targeting voters specifically for their likelihood of voting or political party affiliation is only part of the campaign. More important is hitting voters who may be on the fence and who are most likely to be influenced by your message.

Our aim is to get to the independent or moderate-swinging voters to convince them that your message fits their needs, swinging them towards you and away from your opponents.

We do this by using data-driven targeting science in multi-layered digital advertising networks to find the exact voters you need to convince and, at the same time, rally those voters who are already agreeing with you to hit the polls. Television and radio can send a broad message that hits an entire audience, but digital marketing and direct mail can capture specific audiences with a specific message tailored to them.

The team of experts we’ve assembled will get your campaign headed towards a win on election day

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