Political PR | TV Is a Small Part of Today’s Political Landscape
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Most experts in the field are aware that political campaigns focused on television audiences are far less likely to win, especially in smaller, more local elections. Even elections at a state level are less likely to see great results from TV-oriented campaigning. Television should, instead, be only a small part of a whole campaign. Radio is even less results-oriented.

What works are small campaign ads aimed towards digital sharing, including graphics, visuals, and video. Targeting those ads towards specific platforms and specific demographics or voter segments will do far more for a campaign than will TV or radio. What’s more, ads made for general consumption on TV can be honed to re-use for digital dispersion. It works the other way too, with digital ads being conducive to broadening for a TV audience.

We tailor campaigns to match your budget and needs. Contact us now to find out how we can help you win on election day.

The team of experts we’ve assembled will get your campaign headed towards a win on election day

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